Short Term Accommodation And Respite Care

Short Term NDIS Accommodation
NDIS Accomodation

Short term accommodation and respite care

Pantheon Care have teamed up with Lily Rose Retreats.

Your Haven of Care and Comfort on the Sunshine Coast

Discover a sanctuary of care and tranquility at Lily Rose Retreats, where every detail is meticulously crafted to provide NDIS participants with exceptional Short-Term Accommodation (STA/Respite) and Supported Independent Living (SIL) experiences.

Situated on the breathtaking Sunshine Coast, we have set out on a collaborative endeavor with Lily Rose Retreats, dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of NDIS participants in a serene and nurturing environment.

Lily Rose Retreats

The Vision

At Lily Rose Retreats, they believe that everyone deserves a space where they can unwind, rejuvenate, and thrive.

The vision is to create an inclusive haven that embodies comfort, care, and community for NDIS participants seeking respite or independent living options.

With Pantheon Care’s extensive experience and compassionate approach, combined with Lily Rose’s idyllic location, knowledge, and caring environment, we are committed to providing a holistic support system that promotes well-being and empowerment.

NDIS Respite

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What we offer

Short Term Accommodation (STA/Respite)

Our accommodation offers a temporary haven for participants and their carers. From spacious and accessible rooms to therapeutic amenities, our retreat is designed to provide comfort and respite, ensuring a much-needed break while maintaining high-quality care standards.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

We understand the importance of fostering independence in a supportive environment. Our SIL programs are tailored to individual needs, promoting skill development and personal growth while offering a safety net of care and guidance.

The Power of Partnership with Pantheon Care: We are proud to collaborate with Lily Rose Retreats, an esteemed name in STA/Respite and support. Together, we bring expertise, dedication, and a shared commitment to enhancing the lives of NDIS participants. We both bring a profound understanding of NDIS regulations and participant-centred care that aligns seamlessly with empowering our vision, amplifying each other’s impact, and ensuring a nurturing atmosphere.

Why Choose Lily Rose Retreats:

Personalised Care

We believe in the uniqueness of each participant. Our person-centred approach tailors our services to meet individual needs, ensuring a bespoke experience.

Professional and Compassionate Staff

Our staff, trained by both Lily Rose Retreats and Pantheon Care, are compassionate caregivers who prioritise participants' well-being and comfort.

Scenic Sunshine Coast Location

Nestled in Sippy Downs on the Sunshine Coast, the retreat offers the perfect blend of coastal beauty and tranquillity, fostering a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Holistic Support

Whether it's taking in the scenic beauty, engaging in therapeutic activities, or developing life skills, we provide a comprehensive range of services to enrich the lives of our participants.

Between Pantheon Care and Lily Rose Retreats, our commitment to excellence is matched only by our passion for fostering positive change in the lives of NDIS participants. Join us in experiencing care, comfort, and community on the Sunshine Coast. Your journey to rejuvenation and empowerment begins here.

Please note: the property is not wheelchair friendly.

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