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Online Services

Pantheon Care's approach to online support

Pantheon Support Services is proud to be a part of a growing online community based on the platform “Discord”. Here we have the Pantheon/Aegis Foundation Australia server where anyone can join.

We have partnered with the not-for-profit organisation Aegis Foundation Australia to create an online space for individualism, expression, confidentiality but most of all a community where everyone can connect.

We offer an online support service to participants who may have social anxiety, be unwell, or just feel like utilising our online service for the day/night. We offer multiple channels to connect with a plethora of people and most importantly our workers and directors.

Our directors are very active in the online space and are always down for a chat, whatever the topic may be.

The online space and community is something that has come to light over the past couple of years due to the ever-changing environment and pandemic constraints. This is why our discord community was created and we have friends, family, staff, and participants joining regularly.

Discord Community

Join our online Community

We know a lot of people enjoy the escape of video games these days and this is another way we connect to enjoy playing games together and getting a great experience out of the community. We also have channels for movies, books, anime, music, and “tell your story”.

Online Support
Our goal is to offer support across many platforms

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Online Support

Online Support Services

The online community for support has fast become very popular given the ease of access that comes with it as well as quicker response times.